The Good Weigh store has a simple to use self-weighing system that allows you to bring along any container to fill up. 

Reusing over recycling has to be a good thing, so bring along any container that you like; a mason jar, a jam jar, ice cream tub or lunchbox, if it can be weighed, it can be used!

If ever you forget to bring your containers, don’t fear, we have paper bags, so you simply skip to step 3 once you’ve filled your bag.

We will also have a selection of containers that you can start your zero-plastic journey with available to buy in the shop.  If you’re on a learning curve and hoping to win at zero plastic shopping, just ask, we can show you the ropes. 



STEP 1 - Weigh container

STEP 2 - Fill it

STEP 3 - Weigh

STEP 4 - Pay

STEP 5 - Leave with a spring in your step, knowing you’ve done good


STEP 1 - Order online (min spend of £10)

STEP 2 - Drop your containers into store

STEP 3 - We fill

STEP 4 - Collect the following day

STEP 5 - Say cheerio and give yourself a pat on the back